A Photo Walk Through Lea Market

Lea Market, a wholesale grocery market developed in the early 20th century, was once a very essential component of our cultural heritage. However, its environment now faces a lot of traffic, street pollution, and decrepit infrastructure.

 This market was named after a British Engineer, Measham Lea, who served here in Karachi for a long time post partition. Although properly developed in the early 20th century, this place had been a hub for selling fruits and vegetables and all other forms of agricultural produce since 1927. 

 This place is of the most frequently visited spots in the old town of Karachi, mainly for its classic vintage architecture and low cost shopping for the middle income groups and wholesale buyers. It also serves as a junction to some of the most important roads of old city. 

 The market is divided into proper sections for each commodity such as fish, fruits, vegetables, spices, dairy etc. They even have a section for women’s clothing as well.  

 Lea Market became a popular trading zone after partition and turned into a huge source of income for individuals from the lower income strata of the society, mainly interior Sindh and Balochistan. 

Some of the sellers have been working here since their childhood, passing on their professions to the younger generation. Some sellers bring fresh produce from their villages and sell it here, which has a really high demand. 











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