Youth Matters

How KU's therapy facility is helping students cope with depression
The therapy centre at the University of Karachi is aiding students cope with more than just stress. It is helping students deal with depression, while at the same time trying to reduce the stigma around it.

People & Society

Is Conocarpus a smart choice for Karachi?
Popularly known to be a harmful plant for the environment, this article debunks the myth of the conocarpus plant.

People & Society

Tech Karo: Teaching Young Women How to Code
As the digital terrain increases, this program makes coding accessible for young women.

People & Society

The man who calls graveyard home
Saeed, who is 35 years old now, is one of the decedents of a Sheedi family.


Urdu Bazaar's Cherished Art of Physical Book Shopping
Even with the rise of digital shopping, Urdu Bazaar remains popular among students, adults and the avid readers of Karachi.