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Education sector: The case for public-private partnerships
Pakistan has always lagged far behind when it comes to education. The need for public private partnerships has come to the forefront of the discourse on solving the education mess in the country. But is that a long-term solution?


The need for social transformation in Karachi
Karachi has its fair share of problems to deal with and there is no end in sight. The city's civil society and politician(s) sat down at the Adab Fest 2020 to discuss the many issues that plague this metropolis and their solutions.


These 5 skills will help you stand out from the crowd
What do you say when someone asks what you're good at? Are you lost for words in that moment? Well, no more. Learn these skills to set yourself apart, build your portfolio and gain bragging rights among your peers

People & Society

Five major issues of Karachi that need to be resolved
Karachi is the backbone of the country. There's no denying that. It is time the metropolis receives the attention and care it deserves to solve its many perennial problems. The Big Picture looks at some of the issues of the mega city that urgently need to be taken care of