Bus Chal Karachi

Directed by: Safiullah Bahadur

In collaboration with The School of Writing.

For a Karachiite, travelling in a public bus is an essential part of living in the city. The colorful from outside, yet shabby from inside public buses is something that cannot be detached from the city's cultural fabric.

For a person from the lower class, the bus is the primary vehicle for transportation. Scores of laborers, domestic workers, and students travel from one place to another using buses every day. Karachi’s public transit system is and has always been below par, but for a person making a couple of hundred rupees a day, the public bus is the only resort. This dependence of a sizeable population of the city on a public mode of transport allows for complacency and shabbiness on the part of the service providers.

At present, only 41% of the planned Karachi bus routes (165 out of 403) are active and passengers have to change multiple buses to get to their destinations at times. Sometimes they have to walk for miles before they can get to their second bus stop or final destination too.

Even though the daily commute is nothing short of an ordeal for the average traveller, Bus Chal Karachi takes the lighter side of travelling by the bus and showcases the diversity and colors of the vibrant city of Karachi.

Bus Chal Karachi takes a glimpse into the busy streets of Karachi through a passenger who takes the bus. The constant motion that this video is in, draws parallels to the fast moving life of the city, which many find intimidating but have to adapt to, to survive in the wilderness. Come take a peak with us as we stroll through Pakistan Chowk, Saddar, and other busy areas of Karachi.

If you have ever travelled by a public bus, share your experience with us. How is the public transit system in other parts of the country different from Karachi? Comment below to share your views. 

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