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Ever wonder how a pheni is made?

The holy month of Ramazan brings with it the opportunity to savour delicious food. The streets in the city are filled up with makeshift shops offering different delicacies for the people to make the most of their sehr and iftar. 

But not all shops are makeshift; Some of them have been in the food business for so long that their particular taste becomes their identity and people keep coming back to them no matter where they live in the city.

Such a place exists in Karachi’s Moosa Lane area in Lyari, famous for a dish called pheni (vermicelli). 

Pheni is a famous Ramazan delicacy, not largely available during other months except for a few places. There is a myth surrounding pheni which the residents of Moosa Lane would happily tell any visitor: that the reason pheni is so popular in Ramazan is because a person having it during sehr won’t feel hunger throughout the day. 

The trick to make it 

Add flour and ghee to the pheni and blend the mix till its homogenous. Then make bite-size peras. Of the remainder, make selas and mix them with the frozen ghee. Then turn it into balls and stretch the kneaded mixture using ghee three to four times.  

Note that it is essential to stretch the pheni before frying. Heat about 80kgs of ghee on high flame for over 30 minutes. 

The sweet delicacy is sold for Rs280 per a kilogram pack.

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