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From Gilgit to Karachi: Jaffer Sunny looks to bring more people into the world of music

Syed Jaffer Sunny set his feet in the world of beatboxing four years ago when internet surfing landed him on a video that caught his attention. And from there, there was no going back.

A student of computer science at the Karachi University, Jaffer is currently pursuing a degree that is unsaturated from his interests. Learning computer coding in the day and coming home to making music on his laptop at night, both his passion and education go parallel in terms of strenuous hard work. Yet he enjoys working on them side by side as it keeps him from getting too comfortable. It serves as a challenge for him to grapple with, balancing tasks becomes imperative and his creativity is put to good use. Jaffer has always had a burning desire in him to achieve things. He doesn’t settle until those are manifested into reality.

Jaffer belongs to the land of enormous mountains and endless rivers of Gilgit Baltistan; however, lack of facilities made his family move to Karachi in search of better future prospects. Jaffer says his parents spared no expense on his education. “With whatever means they had, they sent me to one of the best educational institutes of the time.”

“I still recall the time when my father worked from 10 PM to late 4 AM during which I got my O Level degree. Those felt like tough times, nonetheless I got through them and later I got into Aga Khan Higher Secondary Section, Karachi, again as a result of their efforts,” he says, highlighting the efforts his parents made for him. “I am grateful for my parents who chose to put my life’s interest over theirs and chose to see their fortunes through me. And to this day, I have tried my best to never let them down.”

Jaffer has made sure to reciprocate their love and affection through his actions, by getting exceptional grades in his education. At one point he considered not pursuing music as a profession. “I always had a knack to do music back when I was in school but having so many more practical career options ahead of me deterred my decision to pursue it seriously”. But, one day a little push from his friends motivated him to perform a small act in front of the audience to which he got an overwhelmingly positive response and urged him to pursue it more.


Jaffer says he pursued his hobby not just to advance in it creatively, but essentially for those young ones like him who despite having immense potential were too afraid to go down this path of creativity which required them to get out of their comfort zones.

Jaffer has been a part of multiple social events organized throughout the city. A big mention includes 'IAM KARACHI YOUTH CHAMPIONS" where he was introduced to the people who now are his band mates, known as, "The Experiment" consisting of a vocalist, two guitarist and two beatboxers.

JaysonX’s professional beatboxing journey started when he was introduced to The Experiment — a music group consisting of a vocalist, two guitarists and two beatboxers. He started performing at events like the Karachi Eat Festival, and at the numerous Model United Nation conferences happening around the city.

Jaffer has also been part of the IBA Music Olympiad twice. The first time was as a competitor, where he won the competition in the beatboxing category. The second time he was called on to be a judge for the beatboxing category for IBA Enigma.

He has now taken a step back from beatboxing and is focusing on learning the guitar. “My passion for beatboxing has subsided and instead I’ve been spending more time on pursuing music as a guitar vocalist and a producer.”

Jaffer says his strength is that he can learn new things and showcase his talents to the world very well. But being inefficient on managing all these affairs is where he needs some assistance. He aims to negotiate properly with the event managers so that he can promote his content effectively.

He has substantial aspirations when it comes to the kind of work he is trying to do. “I want my wings to take me out of my comfort zone and I wish to inspire people to believe that they can achieve anything only if they decide to.”


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