Low-income students In Malir keep the internet cafes alive

In a dilapidated area of Malir, fancy cafes are a rarity, but dreams of progression and modern culture continue to brim amongst the locals living here. Everyone has a heart for entertainment, despite being privileged or not. Sadly, affordability has always been a concern for the locals living here, and they had to kill their interests for a long time. Until now. 

An entertainment cafe, run by locals has quickly become a source of hope for the people in the area, who usually cannot afford such luxuries. 

Shabbily kept but filled with a variety of entertainment options, this place is full of customers round the clock. It also offers a dedicated hour to those children who learn how to use a computer and often at times take the liberty of watching cartoons or playing video games. 

The cafe also has a foosball and snooker table, which naturally attracts a lot of young boys and teenagers alike.

This place is also popular as an internet cafe for those students who otherwise do not have access to a computer or internet to complete their school or college assignments. Others come here just to spend time on social media or surf the internet. 

A price chart hangs on a wall with fairly reasonable rates for the services available, since it is located in a low-income area.

The owner and manager sit at the reception all day, serving customers and collecting money. He is very happy to be able to provide low-cost forms of entertainment to the people of this neighbourhood, who he says are otherwise worn down by their daily routines and work patterns.  







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