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The teacher from Korangi who feeds stray dogs

In a country where dogs are commonly disliked, or feared, a young woman named Hina Saleem steps out daily carrying bags of meat around the streets of Korangi to feed stray dogs in the area.


Everyday without fail, she buys meat from the shop, and goes out on a stroll feeding as many dogs as she finds on her way. Some have now become her pets and wait for her anxiously. Just as she calls out to them, they come running to her in seconds.  

Hina has been doing this for five years now; she feeds these dogs once in the morning and once in the evening accompanied by her own pet dog Lilly. The neighbours, however, are not too pleased about this. Many of them pelt stones at the dogs and wish for them to go away and not surround the neighbourhood as they do.   



"What kind of a person hits his own children with stones?" questions Hina. "These dogs are like my children and I feel pain when they get hurt. If you do not wish to serve them food, don't do it, but you don't have to hit them."

“Many people in our society do great work to serve humanity, but nobody thinks about the helpless animals on the streets,” adds the 35-year-old teacher.  

She further states that, “If we give food to humans for ten years they'll be still ungrateful but by giving food to animals once in your life, you make them loyal to you forever.”


Hina receives unconditional love from her pets, and feels pride in spending her hard-earned money buying food for her dogs. “Parents should educate their children to love animals. Also, they're not our enemies. As a society we need to be more sensitive towards animals.”



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